Brown Mountain

With its glades and mellow terrain, Brown Mountain can be a good place to do everything from a rolling tour around its base to farming some powder higher up. Depending on where you park, the summit is 2-3 miles and 2200-2600 vertical feet from the road. This makes it a great place to lap when the snow is good. Also, with all the mellow, rolling terrain, touring around the base of the mountain can be a fun alternative on any day. Take extra caution when skiing here during times of low snow. The sharp volcanic rocks that cover much of the mountain can stick through the snow making skiing more dangerous than normal. As a side note, be aware that snowmobiles are allowed in the area so expect to see them when skiing here.


Located approximately 6 miles SSW of Mount McLoughlin, Brown Mountain is a young shield volcano topped by a small cinder cone. Part of the Cascade Volcanic Arc, it is thought to be between 12,000 and 60,000 years old. While much of the mountain is coated with old growth forest, it’s open parts, especially up top, are covered with blocky lava rocks making travel in these areas difficult.

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Beginner to Advanced

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For water, 2L-3L per person for a day trip is recommended. As for food, several small snacks throughout the day are recommended. Big meals are fun but bog you down. Small snacks allow for a continual flow of energy to your body. For your snacks, try to balance sugars, fats, proteins, and carbs so your body is continually fueled. This helps reduce crashes in energy during the day.

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