Mount Bailey

With an average of 600 inches of snow each year and 360 degrees of skiable slopes, Mount Bailey is an awesome place to backcountry ski. Located just 5 miles north of Crater Lake, Bailey has around 6,000 acres of skiable terrain. The easiest backcountry access is a just under 4-mile skin on a groomed road to a cross-country trail ending at the Hemlock Butte Cabin (Bailey Hut). Baileys summit is about 2 more miles from here with around 3,300ft elevation gain. While this is a bit of a haul, the skiing and views are well worth it! As a note, with the amount of snow usually here and the steep terrain around, watch out for avalanche conditions. If you don't know what to look for, don't go!!!!


Mt Bailey is a 2,000ft tephra (material fragmented from a volcanic explosion) cone on top of a shield volcano. It is part of the high cascades and the Mt Bailey chain, a collection of cinder cones leading north. Vegetation starts off as pine lower on the mountain. It then incorporates hemlock and fir higher on it’s slopes until it eventually becomes bald toward the summit.

Skill Level:

Intermediate to Advanced

Directions & Map:

Recommended Equipment

Food & Water

For water, 2L-3L per person for a day trip is recommended. As for food, several small snacks throughout the day are recommended. Big meals are fun but bog you down. Small snacks allow for a continual flow of energy to your body. For your snacks, try to balance sugars, fats, proteins, and carbs so your body is continually fueled. This helps reduce crashes in energy during the day.

Additional Info

Just under 4 miles in to Bailey, Hemlock Butte Cabin, often referred to as the "Bailey Hut", offers skiers a nice alternative to a single day attempt of Mt Bailey. While the cabin can hold about 20 people, the rangers ask that reservations be made by phone before venturing up there. Make sure to call plenty ahead of time as the cabin is usually in high demand. The number is 541-498-2531.

To get to the cabin, park at the Three Lakes Sno Park. Skin along the Three Lakes trail for about 2 miles until you come to an intersection. Turn right and follow for another 0.2 miles. At this point a marked cross-country trail will head off on the left. Follow this trail for about 1.6 miles to the cabin.

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Click Here for the NOAA weather forcast for this area.


Video of the inside of the Hemlock Butte Cabin (aka Bailey Hut).