Brown Mountain

Located between Highway 140 and Dead Indian Memorial Road, Brown Mountain lays just South of Mt. McLoughlin. While there are trails all over the mountain, on it's South side there resides a shelter and some Nordic trails. Access to the shelter and the southern trails is from the Pederson Sno-Park. This is an unofficial Sno-Park located at the intersection of Dead Indian Memorial Road and the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). The county plows the road wider at this point providing parking for the trails. North from the Pederson Sno-Park, a 1.8 mile marked section of the PCT leads to the Brown Mountain Shelter. A map and compass allows for further exploration of this area. In our Resources & Links section, there is a link to a map with a couple Nordic trails on it.


Brown Mountain is a cinder cone on top of a shield volcano. It reaches a high of 7,311 ft. While the summit has little vegetation, the lower mountain is covered with old growth forest. By the Pederson Sno-Park, the terrain is gentle and rolling. The trails mostly meander through the forests around the base of the mountain.

Skill Level:

Intermediate - Advanced

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Recommended Equipment

Food & Water

For water, 2L-3L per person for a day trip is recommended. As for food, several small snacks throughout the day are recommended. Big meals are fun but bog you down. Small snacks allow for a continual flow of energy to your body. For your snacks, try to balance sugars, fats, proteins, and carbs so your body is continually fueled. This helps reduce crashes in energy during the day.

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