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White Rabbit

Starting from the end of the Ashland Loop Road, the White Rabbit Trail traverses the ridge visible to the South of town and ends at Park Street. The trail takes you through some beautiful woods and by several large boulders whose tops allow for valley views. With its easy access and good views, this is a classic hike of the area.


2 miles one way/674ft elevation loss


White Rabbit Image

The trail traverses the ridgeline through dense trees. There are several short side trails and variations that are well noted on signs along the way. Just past 0.7 miles from the trailhead, a couple of rock outcroppings offer great views of the valley. After this, the trail switchbacks down to Park Street through Madrones and Manzanitas. Keep an eye and ear out for mountain bikers along the path.

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For water, 2L-3L per person for a day trip is recommended. As for food, several small snacks throughout the day are recommended. Big meals are fun but bog you down. Small snacks allow for a continual flow of energy to your body. For your snacks, try to balance sugars, fats, proteins, and carbs so your body is continually fueled. This helps reduce crashes in energy during the day.

Additional Info

Also known as the 2060 Trailhead, the parking area for the White Rabbit trail allows access to many additional hikes. These range from short mini-loops to long treks all the way to Mt. Ashland! Maps for these trails are available here at the store and by download from the City of Ashland Site.

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