Buck Prairie

Located West of Howard Prairie Lake and Northwest of Hyatt Reservoir, Buck Prairie offers snowshoers a great place to explore. With around 17 miles of trails, there is something for everyone. Most trails have blue diamond trail blazes marking the way. Many of the trails here also have signs displaying their name, difficulty, and length. Cross-country skiers also enjoy these trails. So please, try and avoid walking in the ski tracks.

Buck Prairie is managed by the BLM with volunteer assistance from the Southern Oregon Nordic Club. A Sno-Park permit is required to park at the trailhead so make sure to get one before heading up there. Also, dogs are not allowed on the Buck Prairie trail system. Dog owners can take their furry companions 2.5 miles up the road to Buck Prairie II. Click here to read about Buck Prairie II.


The trails are rolling and very accessible. If you're ready for a bit of a challenge, there is an optional climb to a lookout tower where you'll find some amazing views of Hyatt Lake and Mt. McLoughlin.

Skill Level:

Beginner to Intermediate

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Food & Water

For water, 2L-3L per person for a day trip is recommended. As for food, several small snacks throughout the day are recommended. Big meals are fun but bog you down. Small snacks allow for a continual flow of energy to your body. For your snacks, try to balance sugars, fats, proteins, and carbs so your body is continually fueled. This helps reduce crashes in energy during the day.

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