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Summer Sojourn

I’ve been waiting to write a reflective entry in the Ashland Outdoor Store blog for a while. I haven’t, until now, found the impetus. My personal sense of the Outdoor Store as a cohesive unit was altered irreversibly with Steve’s … Continue reading

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Skis less than 95mm under foot belong in a museum!

With advances in ski technology, non cross-country skis that are less than 95mm under foot are obsolete.  They should be retired.  If they are well under 95mm, they belong in a museum, on your wall as decoration, or as part … Continue reading

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Fleece is Dead!

Fleece is dead! Long live soft shell and synthetic insulation! Your thoughts? Comment on this below or get more involved by joining our Forum discussion about this topic. Update 1/7/12 – Several people have started chiming in on the Forum. … Continue reading

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Favorite Outerwear Piece

Looking around at all the cool outerwear currently at the store, the AOS staff started talking about our favorite outerwear pieces.  Everyone seemed to chime in with their own story of an awesome garment and why they thought it was … Continue reading

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