Petzl Corax Climbing Harness

Petzl Corax Climbing Harness

Petzl Corax Climbing Harness

Both Petzl and Black Diamond make climbing equipment of incredible quality. Arc’teryx also makes some really incredible lightweight harnesses – ideal for gym climbers or dedicated lightweight sport climbers. Don’t let this review influence your personal preferences too much – there are many comparable harnesses from many different climbing manufacturers, and comfort and usability should be priorities when choosing a sit-harness.

I found the Petzl Corax to be one of the best climbing harnesses I’ve used, both in terms of comfort and load-bearing ability. I’ve climbed in the Metolius Safetech, Black Diamond’s Momentum and Bod, Petzl’s Sama and Adjama – the Corax is amazingly comfy, not too expensive, and it can handle as much gear as you want to carry.

Pros: Padded, incredibly comfortable to hang in. Can handle more gear than you need, comfortably. Has a double-adjustable waist, with two auto-locking buckles (allows you to really fine tune the fit). The Size 1 Corax fits an incredible range of waists (28-35ish) Durability, durability, durability – This thing is bomber, from the design of the leg loops and wasitbelt to the belay loop, it won’t let you down one bit.

Cons: Not as lightweight or low-profile as Petzl’s lighter trad and sport harnesses, such as the Sama or the Hirundos. If looking to wear under a pack for alpine climbing or ski mountaineering, consider something less bulky. The Corax is not as breathable as these more mesh-constructed harnesses either, though the difference is fairly minimal in my opinion.

This harness is comfy for pitch after pitch of sport, trad, and as many hanging belays as you can handle! four gear loops, padded legs and waist, auto-locking buckles, and a brilliant green belay loop. Nice job, Petzl.

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