Petzl Sama Climbing Harness

Petzl Sama Climbing Harness

Petzl Sama Climbing Harness

Orange. Refined.

Also highly breathable.

According to Petzl’s advertising, masochists gave this an awful review.

I can see why they would do this, as the thing barely even seems like something you would wear over your clothes – it doesn’t accumulate sweat. It doesn’t chafe, and doesn’t get in the way.

Pros: Price. $69.95 is a good deal for a high-quality all-around harness. Breathability. Lightweight and packability (though the Hirundos is still the ultralight). Comfort under a pack belt. Snug fit – leg loops that are tight but not uncomfortable, as can happen with fixed length loops (the elastic provides some give). Four gear loops make it perfect for trad or sport, especially alpine stuff. The belay loop/crotch interface is super bomber and really hard to screw up – and that loop is tough and burly, two synonymous terms that are most important for all things climbing related.

Cons: Not very many. I had to think creatively to write this part. If you prefer attaching a chalk bag with a biner rather than a belt, the back loop is a bit funky. Petzl harnesses don’t have rated rear loops like Black Diamond harnesses. Personally, I use a belt with my chalk bag, so it wasn’t an issue. Fixed leg loops may cause fit issues for some? The Sama comes in Small, Medium, and Large. I found that Petzl’s Size 1 harness fits such a huge waist range that the possibility for screwing up fit with the Corax and etc is tough. However, be careful when sizing this harness. Bring in your climbing slacks and kicks and try. it. on. The leg loops on the size Small fit me perfectly – I’m 155 lbs, 6’0″ with slimmer legs and a 30″ waist. That’s a size small. The gear loops occasionally withstand all attempts to find them (only the rear-most ones), due to the fact that they tend to lay flat to the waist band. Really, however, it just takes some getting used to. Once you get it by feel, no problems.

I love this harness. My favorite harness ever is without a doubt the Petzl Corax, however the Sama comes in a very, very close second. If I get out climbing more often in it I might even change this opinion. It’s lighter, more breathable, super comfy, and the mesh panels that have been machined out of the waist belt actually make for a waist belt that wraps more securely around your waist. This even weight distribution makes carrying moderate to heavy weight on the harness a total breeze. It’s so light! Why would you ever want to carry more weight?! The waist belt is also slim enough that the harness can be worn in a mountaineering context as well, under a pack belt when necessary.

The thing is bright orange, with a green belay loop. It’s breathable, comfortable, simple, and it has four gear loops. If you need anything else, I’d think about your priorities.

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