Fischer Silent Spider

Cross Country SkisIn our rental fleet, we have the Fischer Silent Spider Nordic Ski mounted with Fischer BCX NNN bindings.  There are six 169cm pairs, eight 179cm pairs, and six 189cm pairs.  Their side cut is 62-52-60(tip-waist-tail in mm).  These are classic cross-country skis made mainly for on piste use but can be taken off-piste if conditions are right.  They are scaled or “wax-less” skis, so the use of kick wax is unnecessary.  This makes them a great intro ski.  Just an FYI, “wax-less” skis still need to be treated with glide wax from time to time!

Fischer BCX4The boots we rent for our Cross-Country skis are the Fischer BCX 4.  These are a basic cross-country boot great for those new to the sport and those wanting to go into the backcountry.  We have sizes 36 – 48.

To read more about what cross country skiing is, click here.

Fischer Silent Spider Recommended Skier Weight:

  • 169cm -> under 130lb
  • 179cm -> 130lb-170lb
  • 189cm -> over 170lb

Click Here for pricing and information about the AOS rental department.

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