MSR Denal/EVO Snowshoes

MSR EVO Showshoes

The EVO is made for “Essential performance and versatility over rolling terrain.”  The Denali is an older generation of the EVO.  The progression was Denali, then Denali EVO, and now it is the EVO.  In our rental fleet, we have some of each.  These snowshoes are heavy-duty and have great traction.

MSR EVO Bottom View


Also in our fleet, we have a couple pairs of Denali Ascents and Denali EVO Ascents.  The big difference in these and the regular Denali/EVO’s is the presence of a heel riser.  The heel riser is used on steeper terrain for added traction while minimizing calf strain.  This can be a nice feature if you are planning on doing something more than rolling hills.

MSR EVO with TailsAs for sizing, both the Denali and EVO come in one size: 22in.  These have a recommended weight of up to 180lbs.  For individuals needing more than that, there is a tail attachment which takes the recommended weight up to 250lbs.  It should be noted that the recommended weight means your weight plus your packs weight.  Also consider snow conditions.  In packed snow, size doesn’t really matter.  However in powder, it is advisable to up-size to minimize the amount you sink into the snow.  It is absolutely no fun to post hole through snow with incorrectly sized snowshoes!

MSR EVO Binding, Right FootThe Denali/EVO’s do have a left and right.  This can be determined from the harness system.  The harness consists of a couple of straps on one side and metal D’s on the other side.  The side with the metal D’s should go on the inside of your feet.  This way the tails of the straps don’t cause you to trip while walking.

From the MSR website:

It’s no mistake that you’ll find the same UniBody Traction of the utilitarian Evo snowshoe as the foundation for some of our most aggressive models. The best traction when heading up or down even modest slopes in less than ideal conditions is something everyone can appreciate. We hold the same standard for control, and the weather-resistant, three-strap PosiLock binding delivers it in spades on rolling terrain, while Modular Flotation tails make this the hands-down best value going for trail walking and all-condition day use.

Denali/EVO  Specs:

  • Length: 22.2in
  • Width: 8.2in
  • Weight per Pair: 3lbs 10oz
  • Footwear Size Range: 4.5M/5.5W – 15M/16W
  • Load: Up to 180lbs
  • Load w/ Tails: Up to 250lbs

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