MSR Lightning Ascent

MSR LightningThe MSR Lightning Ascent is “The pinnacle of light and aggressive all-terrain performance.”  They come in 22, 25, and 30 inch long models.  In our fleet, we have 3 pairs of 22’s and 3 pairs of 25’s.

For sizing, refer to the recommended load in the specs below.  Notice that it says load and not weight.  This is because when determining the correct size, you need to not only account for your weight, but also for the weight of any pack you’ll be carrying.  Furthermore, all of our Lightning snowshoes can MSR Lightning with Tailsbe equipped with tail attachments to increase the recommended load.  Tails do this by increasing the overall length of the snowshoe.  The recommended load with tails attached is also listed in the specs below.  Another consideration for sizing snowshoes is the type of snow you will be in.  For hard pack, almost any snowshoe size will do.  However in soft powder, you might want to consider up-sizing or adding tails to give yourself some extra flotation.

MSR Lightning Side View

From the MSR website:

Now compatible with the all-condition adaptability of our Modular Flotation tails, our most aggressive snowshoes are built on a solid foundation of our advanced, 360° Traction frames and deliver a level of ultralight security that tubular frames simply can’t—especially on traverses. New, dual-component, PosiLock AT bindings offer our most secure attachment, while aggressive steel cross members, PivotCrampons and new, easily-engaged Ergo Televators back you up with every step.

Lightning Ascent 22 Specs:

  • Length: 22in
  • Width: 8in
  • Weight per Pair: 3lbs 12oz
  • Footwear Size Range: 35.5 – 49.5
  • Recommended Load: Up to 180lbs
  • Recommended Load w/Tails: Up to 250lbs


Lightning Ascent 25 Specs:

  • Length: 25in
  • Width: 8in
  • Weight per Pair: 3lbs 14oz
  • Footwear Size Range: 35.5 – 49.5
  • Recommended Load: 120lbs – 220lbs
  • Recommended Load w/Tails: 120lbs to 280lbs

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