Rick & Dash’s Excellent Adventure – April 25th, 2013

These posts are created by our sponsored PCT-hikers, and contain their stories and adventures, straight from the trail.


Breakfast, Desert. Lunch, Desert.

Dinner, Dessert. Desert, Desert, Desert.

It is day 11 on the trail and this last week has been hotter than a Santa Fe 4th of July. Seriously, we may come back not only looking like bums, but really old bums. Since leaving our friends in Julian we have been trekking across the Anza Borrego State Park which has, in between the excessive expanse of burnt shrubbery, thrown at us many hurdles – rattlesnakes, horny toads, and coyotes. Having learned that it is exceptionally hard to hike in 90 degree weather, we have become accustomed to hiking from 6am to a water resource, taking a break, and then continuing hiking at 5pm until we reach a relatively flat place to sleep.
Along the trail, there are people called “trail angels.”

They supply water caches, randomly place coolers with ice and drinks, and occasionally a complete shelter. The other day we came upon “Mike’s,” – the guy is a trail angel who opens up his house to PCT hikers. An oasis for hikers, it simply is just a shack with some shade, a horseshoe…court, with lots of retired stone grinders. Apparently Mike owns a tortilla factory and grinds the corn the old fashion way. Mike, busy with his tortillas, was absent at our encounter, but his friend, whose name I forget, was watching over the place for him. The dude sits all day chatting with hikers, sharing stories and occasionally distributing bananas to the group. He said he used to have a season pass to a theme park and never once rode a ride. He just liked watching people have fun, so being the caretaker of Mike’s PCT oasis seems like a perfect fit.

Rick and I have become in-sync with multiple hikers, all of which are from out of the country. We have been camping together the last couple of nights, which on top of the banter of accents and foreign languages, have been blessed with incredible stars. Unfortunately we are parting ways as we enter the funky town of Idyllwild which apparently has a country music festival going on. YEE-HAW.


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