Rick & Dash’s Excellent Adventure – Wednesday, July 3rd

These posts are created by our sponsored PCT-hikers, and contain their stories and adventures, straight from the trail.

A little problem half way

As we waited out the storm at the Red Moose Inn, we were informed that there was a resident ghost – apparently a man had died way back when, in the bar. Later, we were informed that we were going to be sleeping where he had died. Needless to say, I was creeped out and ready to get going on the trail the next morning. We climbed out of the valley and back up onto a ridge line, where now the views had transitioned from tall snow-capped peaks to rolling green mountains. The cold wet weather has now been replaced by blue sky and 90 plus degree weather. To make up for our lost time, we pushed hard to get to the town of Belden by hiking a 32, a 35, and a 25 mile day which allowed us to arrive in town just before it got way too hot. In Belden, we regrouped with two other hikers we had met on the trail, Catch Up and Henry. As a solid crew, we left Belden early in the morning and conquered the 5000 ft. accent out of the canyon by 10 a.m. In a strong, comfortable pace we were flying, but then we hit trouble. I came across what at first I thought was a bear but quickly realized was a dog. The dog was clearly lost and due to the fact that it was just fur and bones, it had been lost for a while. We hiked behind it for a bit but couldn’t get close enough to grab it and we didn’t want it bolting off the trail. I fashioned a make shift leash out of some rope and was able to get to the dog when it attempted to cross a river but was too weak to swim. Wet, ten miles from any road, and now responsible for this mangy mutt, we sat down to game plan. Henry was able to get service and called every animal shelter within 50 miles of Belden but everyone was either closed or not interested in helping. We ended up having to hike back the ten miles to Belden in 95 degree heat with the dog draped over our shoulders. In our time with the dog we named it L.P. (Little Problem) and all became quite attached to it. The rescue mission ended in success when the owners of the local general store agreed to take L.P. off our hands and even better, give us a ride to a town called Chester further up the trail. This morning we hiked south on the trail to make up the miles we missed and then back to the town of Chester. In this 20 miles we reached the midway point of the Pacific Crest Trail. We are now more than halfway to Canada, 1,335 miles! It is a great bench mark to arrive at. We have already had an incredible adventure, and we are so excited for what is to come. At the mile post we looked at the log book to see how many people are in front of us. 1,100 miles back, there were 115 hikers in front of us. There are now only 13, most of which we know. It is obviously not a race, but it is still fun to know we are part of the leading elite!


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