Rick & Dash’s Excellent Adventure – Saturday, July 6th

These posts are created by our sponsored PCT-hikers, and contain their stories and adventures, straight from the trail.

Personal Record

After leaving Chester and the wonderful home of trail angel Piper’s Mom, we had some miles to make up. The incident with L.P. had set us back and presented us with the challenge of hiking 50 miles in one day. It just so happened that this day would be in one of the hottest parts of the trail with the least amount of water…..still, we went for it. Our friend Henry and us awoke at 4am and quickly hiked 16 miles through a burn section as the sun rose. We reached Hat Creek Rim by noon and without hesitation set out to knock off the 15 mile stretch without water. We were very fortunate because a gentle storm passed over, blocked the sun, cooled us down, and then gave us our own little light show. As the evening set in, we watched powerful lightning strike down, illuminating Mt. Shasta in the distance. It was incredible – our own little 4th of July. At the end of the day we had in total hiked nearly 53 miles, a double marathon. We limped into camp just before midnight and in the morning realized we had slept in the front lawn of a fish hatchery. Henry hitched into the town of Burney and we continued on to Burney Falls State Park. That day was very hot and we were told that the temperature on Hat Creek Rim was 117! We had just barely dodged a bullet. I hiked down to Burney Falls to take a dip and then it was back to the trail. We hiked out to a little creek and soaked in it. I hate cold water, but the past day and a half had taken such a toll on my body that this time I was alright soaking in a cool pool for a very long time. We’re now in Mount Shasta waiting for our friends Ed, David, and Matt to drive down from Ashland. Tomorrow we are all Climbing Mt. Shasta which I have always wanted to do. It’s going to be so cool!


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