Rick & Dash Climb Mt. Shasta

Summer Mountaineering

On Saturday afternoon, our sponsored PCT hikers reached Mount Shasta City. They’d long had the goal of climbing Mt. Shasta in a day, before hopping back on the trail.

David, Matt Faurot, and a mutual friend, Ed Dickey, all set out Saturday evening to meet our hikers and provision them with some extra supplies – crampons, helmets, ice axes, and boots.

Summer mountaineering on Shasta is always a bit warm, and the danger of rockfall increases as the sun warms its slopes. Our five climbers headed up in the early hours of the morning from Bunny Flat, with the goal of descending before the day got too hot. Crampons were required only on the area between Lake Helen and the Red Banks, as well as briefly on descent. For the most part, the mix of rock and snowpack made travel slightly slower than usual.

The climb was excellent fun! Rick & Dash are in blisteringly good shape – their climbing pace was quite brisk. All five climbers were jubilant to be on the summit by mid-morning. The successful summit marked David’s 20th time standing on the top, and as Matt had coached all three of the other climbers at some point in their¬†adolescence, it was a very pleasant reunion. Matt is an experienced backcountry skier and snowboarder, and is such a pleasure to have with you in the hills.

We feel lucky to have enabled such an excellent gathering of gentleman, before the climbing season on Mt. Shasta is completely through, and we’d like to extend a hearty congratulations to Rick, Dash, and Ed on their climb.

Rick and Dash’s pace has been absolutely incredible, as they’ve hiked from Mexico to southern Oregon. We dropped them back on the trail Sunday evening, and their intended hike time put them eight days out from Ashland, as of Monday morning.

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For more information on climbing Mt. Shasta – use both our own website’s activity page, and the Mount Shasta Avalanche Center’s website.

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