Rick & Dash’s Excellent Adventure – Friday, July 26th

These posts are created by our sponsored PCT-hikers, and contain their stories and adventures, straight from the trail.

Game Ender!

With our bags packed and provisions for the remainder of the PCT set, Rick and I were good to go. But, before we left we had to climb one last tree which turned out to be the worst idea ever.

A branch broke and I fell to the ground, dislocating my elbow. As of now it means I won’t be hiking for a while. In two weeks I’ll go to a check up and get a better idea of when I’ll be good to go. Rick has pressed on – I drove out to Crater Lake yesterday and dropped off his box.

If things work out, I may be able to join him for the Washington section but due to commitments starting in September it looks like I will be part of that 70% of people that attempt a through hike and fail. Fortunately, the trail isn’t going anywhere and I still have many places to go on it. Two beautiful states that someday will be the event of another summer :)


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