Rick & Dash’s Excellent Adventure – Friday, August 23rd

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Washington has been great to me so far. It is often said that entering Washington from Oregon on the PCT is like hitting a wall. Now I can see what they were talking about – the Washington side of the border is often quite humid, with lots of up and down. The first day or two was a lot of work with little reward (e.g. views or things of that nature). But one reward that has been getting better and better every day is huckleberry picking. They cover the trail and have been getting larger and riper daily. They have been referred to as Huckle-apples. Mt. Adams was amazing and seemed to be even more impressive than the cascades of Oregon. Adams isn’t much taller than Hood but has huge glaciers and seems to take up a much larger area. Our afternoon on Adams was rainy with a COLD barefoot creek crossing.

After crossing next to Adams I headed into the goat rocks wilderness which turned out to be one of the prettiest places I have ever been. Large rock peaks, picturesque alpine meadows with a ton of wild flowers in bloom and wild mountain goats, for which the area is named. The trail then proceeds over “the knife’s edge” – a shale ridge with steep drop offs on either side. When Cecil and I were up there it was windy and foggy but that made for some exceptional sights and smells as the clouds rolled in and moved on.
Before leaving the Oregon border I met with some friends, Long Legs and Jorge, and we had planned on hiking together. Six days later they were still behind Cecil and I and we were enjoying some magic provided by a trail crew in White Pass. The next day, with full bellies and some good company, we were having trouble getting motivated. Then, after seeing and chatting with Scott (a southbounder who held the previous speed record, and is out to get it back), we were motivated to go. At the same moment Long Legs and Jorge came into town. One zero, lots of beer and a fun day later we were back on the trail. Mt. Rainer and the Urich cabin made this “ugly and dry” stretch quick and fun.

With 266.8 miles it’s time to get back at it!

Without computer access I’m unable to load photos –

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