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About the Ashland Outdoor Store

At the Ashland Outdoor Store, we are committed to offering our customers the best service and equipment for their outdoor endeavors. It all starts with our staff. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced in the use of outdoor gear and clothing. This is because we spend most of our days off enjoying the beautiful areas around us. From skiing on Mt. Ashland to hiking up Wagner Butte to climbing Mt. Shasta, our staff members are always outside putting our gear and clothing to the test. We have some of the best knowledge of local areas, activities, and weather in the whole Rogue Valley.

But having an experienced and passionate staff would be of little use if we didn't have the gear and clothing to back them up. This is why we carry the highest quality products for exploring Southern Oregon and Northern California. Our staff has taken the time to dial down the layering systems and gear requirements needed for local and surrounding areas. To help with this, we have manufacturers come in and give us clinics on their gear so that we can link the intended use of a product to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts around us. These clinics also allow our staff to stay up to date on the latest products. By combining all of these elements, we at the Ashland Outdoor Store hope to enhance your outdoor experience by giving you the information and providing you with the gear needed to have a safe and wonderful adventure.